Now You Can Turn Yourself into the Starbucks Logo in Snapchat

Starbucks just introduced a Snapchat filter that makes you look like the siren on its logo

Obsessed with Starbucks? Now you can show off your addiction to your friends.

The important announcement of the fall season at Starbucks is not the return of the pumpkin spice latte, nor even the arrival of the highly anticipated almond milk. Now we have a Starbucks Snapchat filter (technically known as a lens in Snapchat world).

For those who are not in the know — Snapchat filters and lenses alter your appearance to erase blemishes, make you look like a puppy dog, or appear different in some funny way.The Starbucks lens gives users the appearance of its famous siren logo with long, flowing green and white locks (that resemble squirts of toothpaste), a sparkling crown, and cartoony  demon eyes, as well as the Starbucks logo imprinted on the bottom of your Snapchat.


Snapchatters will only be able to use the lens on Sept. 29. So if you’re craving a latte, just ordered your morning brew, or want to freak out easily-spooked friends, be sure to open your Snapchat app on Thursday.