Now You Can Text for Booze, Thanks to New Startup DrinkEasy


Running low on spirits? This number is a good one to keep on hand.

We’ve all had those days when you’re preparing for an upcoming weekend bash, and your liquor cabinets are running dry. If, like us, you’re looking to skip out on the liquor store run, and DrinkEasy has you covered.We already have the online liquor store Drizly, and the Amazon alcohol delivery service, but DrinkEasy is the world’s first “text for booze” liquor delivery service and will deliver the goods across 35 states.

The SMS-based app startup comes from the same team that brought you Swig, a social media tool for bartenders and mixologists. All you have to do is text "DRINK LOCAL" to 646-681-4442 and DrinkEasy will hook you up with a list of local distilleries in your area, giving you recommendations based on your liquor preferences. Then just text “HELL YES” to acquiesce your request (no, really), and you’ll get your booze delivered within 2-4 business days.

Sorry, this service doesn’t quite work like Seamless yet: An on-demand, 45-minute vodka drop-off in the middle of the party isn’t available. Plus, according to Business Insider, you likely won’t find favorites like Jameson, Jack Daniel’s, or Captain Morgan through DrinkEasy: The point of it, according to Harry Raymond, the app’s co-founder, is to introduce customers to new spirits.

Text to deliver is starting to become pretty popular: Remember when Domino’s introduced us to pizza delivery by emoji?

DrinkEasy is currently in beta mode and has a waiting list.