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Now You Can Sip on Guilt-Free, Diet Prosecco

The company claims the product has four times less sugar than regular prosecco

Shutterstock / Antonio Nardelli

The diet prosecco’s alcohol content is around 11.5 percent.

Removing alcoholic drinks from your diet can be one way to cut out empty calories, but with prosecco’s popularity on the rise, it could be quite the challenge. Italian sparkling wine producer Casa Gancia has recently launched a “diet” prosecco, which only contains 65 calories per glass.

The light prosecco, Gancia Leggero, was launched exclusively with the Stonegate Pub Company, The Drinks Business reported. After six months, the product’s availability will expand to the rest of the United Kingdom market.

“Prosecco is already considered one of the lighter drinks, and now with a ‘skinny’ version, this is no doubt going to tap into the growing consumer trend for low-calorie and low-sugar products,” Suzanne Baker, commercial director of the Stonegate Pub Company, told The Drinks Business.

Recently in the U.K., Groupon jumped on the prosecco bandwagon and created “the world’s first” prosecco-flavored nail polish. Although the nail polish isn’t drinkable, the company claimed it provided “the fun of the flavor without a sore head the next day.”


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