Now Sake Comes in a Can

Bushido is releasing “Way of the Warrior” premium ginjo genshu-grade sake in a can

Sake to me.

Beer comes in a can. Wine even comes in a can. So why not sake? The Japanese rice wine, which usually comes in decorative glass bottles, is now entering the market of portable convenience. Vine Connections is releasing its Bushido sake in a new can. Bushido, which is Japanese for “way of the warrior,” is the samurai honor code.

The black cans are decorated with Japanese characters and an image of a fox dressed as a samurai.

“We see Bushido ‘Way of the Warrior’ sake cans as a great opportunity to capitalize on the growing sake and canned alcoholic beverage categories in the U.S.,” Nick Ramkowsky, co-founder and partner of Vine Connections, said in a statement. “This product offers authenticity as a legitimate Japanese import, and superior quality to other canned sake offerings currently available in the U.S.”


Bushido’s sake is produced at the Kizakura brewery in Kyoto, considered to be the birthplace of sake.