Sake to me.


Now Sake Comes in a Can

Bushido is releasing “Way of the Warrior” premium ginjo genshu-grade sake in a can

Beer comes in a can. Wine even comes in a can. So why not sake? The Japanese rice wine, which usually comes in decorative glass bottles, is now entering the market of portable convenience. Vine Connections is releasing its Bushido sake in a new can. Bushido, which is Japanese for “way of the warrior,” is the samurai honor code.

The black cans are decorated with Japanese characters and an image of a fox dressed as a samurai.

“We see Bushido ‘Way of the Warrior’ sake cans as a great opportunity to capitalize on the growing sake and canned alcoholic beverage categories in the U.S.,” Nick Ramkowsky, co-founder and partner of Vine Connections, said in a statement. “This product offers authenticity as a legitimate Japanese import, and superior quality to other canned sake offerings currently available in the U.S.”

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Bushido’s sake is produced at the Kizakura brewery in Kyoto, considered to be the birthplace of sake.