New York Governor Throws Support Behind Cider With $56,874 in State Funding

Money will go towards research to benefit yield and quality of hard cider apples in New York

As part of a $1.1 million investment to support the development of New York State’s agricultural industry, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is giving $56,874 in state funding to the New York State Agricultural Experimental Station for “the development and testing of apple varieties for the production of hard cider,” according to a release.

Cider Guide writer Eric West says, “Cider makers are actively seeking apple varieties that produce more characterful ciders, so this funding could have a significant long-term impact on New York's cider industry,” quotes Grub Street.

The Experimental Station, established in 1880, does research to increase the yield and quality of hard-cider apples in New York. This investment in hard cider makes economic sense, as New York is primed to take advantage of the growing cider industry as the second-largest apple producer in the country.

Governor Cuomo has also supported extending a tax credit given to small craft breweries to cider-makers, wineries, and distilleries.

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