This New Wine Bottle Will Fit Through a Letterbox

The new design targets 18- to 40-year-olds who live in urban areas

The wine bottle is thinner and slightly longer than the average wine bottle.

Joe Revell, the creator of London’s Garçon Wines, has created a new wine bottle that will fit through letterboxes, perfect for those in urban areas looking to have wine delivered to their apartments.

After speaking with a friend who struggled to have wine delivered, Revell saw an opportunity in the market and designed a Bordeaux-style 750-milliliter plastic bottle with a company from China, Beverage Daily reported.

Revell was also selected to compete on the CNBC and Alibaba TV show Pop Up, Start Up in which merchants compete for a £20,000 cash prize to set up their own pop-up store.

“Following on from the competition we will be focusing on selling subscriptions and delivering wine to our customers through their letterboxes,” Revell told Beverage Daily.

“We will also be running a crowdfunding campaign and anyone interested in receiving wine from us can sign up to our email address.”


Revell’s wine subscription service will allow customers to schedule wine deliveries for every few days, weekly, or bi-weekly.