New Trump Hotel In DC To Serve Expensive Wine On A Silver Spoon

The Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., which will open Sept. 12, boasts Washington's largest hotel suite, a 10,000-square-foot day spa named after Ivanka Trump, "a daily sabering of a champagne bottle," and wine by the spoon. A silver spoon, to be exact, Travel Weekly reported.

The "wines by the spoon" will allow guests to taste "ounce-size samples of rare and expensive wine."

Daniel Mahdavian, director of food and beverage for the hotel and a cocktail mixologist, said he has been experimenting with unusual ingredients such as saffron and fresh ground garam masala.

"Beers are popular in Washington, and we will have local beers as well interesting ones like Belgium Trappist beer served in a goblet you can take home," he said.

For food, the menu will highlight local offerings such as Maryland blue crabs, Virginia swordfish, and cheese from creameries in Virginia and Maryland.

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