New Product Offers 'Wine Without The Hangover'... Because There's No Alcohol In It

Vinia is a new product from BioHarvest in the form of a "red grape powder that provides the benefits of wine, without the killer headache," according to a press release.

Vinia promises, as a "revolutionary superfood," to do things like support healthy blood pressure and blood circulation "with no blurred memory or painful side effects to worry about."

If you hadn't already gathered from the headline, the reason you won't experience any of these side effects is because Vinia doesn't actually contain alcohol, and therefore does not qualify as wine.

If you're interested, you're left, as far as we can tell, with a grown-up version of Kool-Aid powder, which you're welcome to mix "in water, smoothies, yogurts, oatmeal, etc."

Or you can skip the powder and stick with grape juice, the original non-alcoholic wine. Does grape juice offer those same cardiovascular benefits? Not all, but many kinds, "especially the variety made from red and dark purple Concord grapes," do indeed.