New Jersey High School Students Under Fire for ‘Jews vs. Nazis’ Drinking Game

Princeton High School students may be in serious trouble for posting a photo of themselves playing ‘Nazis vs. Jews’ beer pong

The students have not yet been officially punished for the photo, which depicts beer cups in the shape of a swastika. 

A controversial photo posted on social media has a community up in arms.

A group of Princeton High School students posted a photo of themselves playing a game of Nazis vs. Jews beer pong, known as “Alcoholocaust Pong” Although the photo depicted underage drinking with “clearly anti-Semitic undertones” the group of students have not yet been officially punished and the district has instead “talked to” the students in question and their families.

During the game, participants are allowed to “Anne Frank” their cups (or hide them), or “Nazi” their opponents (or force them to sit out a round).

“They are athletes and student leaders,” Jamaica Ponder, the 17-year-old student who initially reported the photo, said. “They’re prominent individuals that everybody knows, captains of sports teams.”

The superintendent has expressed disappointment and that he is “deeply” upset that students would participate in such an activity.


“An incident such as this one, forces us to take a hard look at our efforts in educating our children in the values that may be most important to their success in life,” Superintendent Steve Cochrane told