The New Iced Coffee From Carl’s Jr. Apparently Tastes Salty

Carl’s Jr. is the latest chain to jump on the caffeinated cold beverages bandwagon

Carl's Jr./Shutterstock

Grab a cold (salty) one from Carl’s Jr.

Surprisingly, Carl’s Jr.’s new product has nothing to do with over-the-top burgers served by scantily-clad women. The burger chain is actually testing out iced coffee for just $1 a cup in certain California stores.In comparison, a medium iced coffee from McDonald’s is $1.99, while a medium from Dunkin’ Donuts is $2.49. There’s no word yet on when the iced coffee will go national.

According to Brand Eating, weirdly enough, the iced coffee from Carl’s Jr. tastes salty. Brand Eating reviewers describe the pre-mixed blend of coffee, milk, and sugar as “very creamy with a decent coffee flavor and a surprising note of salt.” They also said that they could detect a subtle note of French vanilla. Perhaps we can even look forward to a pumpkin spice iced coffee from Carl’s Jr. in the future.


Although slightly salty coffee sounds intriguing, our favorite Carl’s Jr. product is still the ding dong ice cream sandwich.