This New Beer Is Made From Toast

Toast Ale is made from surplus bread, and gives recycling a whole new meaning

One of the major ingredients in beer is yeast, so it’s practically bread to begin with.

We’ve rolled our eyes at gimmicky beers before, but this one… actually makes a lot of sense. Introducing: Toast Ale, the beer made from recycled bread. Although both beer and bread are traditionally made with yeast and grains, Toast Ale takes these similarities one step further.

The U.K.-based brewing company is planning to expand into the U.S. with an American Pale Ale that combines bread crumbs that would otherwise have been wasted with malted barley, oat husks, Bramling Cross and Chinook hops, yeast, and water. The carbohydrates break down into sugars which are turned into alcohol by the yeast content. Toast Ale describes their beer’s unique flavor profile as having “caramel notes that balance citrus and bitter hops.”

Of course, this isn’t just a gimmicky new way of producing a unique craft beer: It’s also helping to save the planet, one piece of toast at a time. Their IndieGoGo campaign says that each beer bought will “help realize our goal of diverting 100 tons of bread from landfill in 3 years.”


You can buy the first beer produced by Toast on their website, or help contribute to their crowdfunding campaign that will raise money for their next round of brews