Move Over Fireball: Jack Daniels is Releasing a Cinnamon Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire combines whiskey with cinnamon liquor, and is the brand’s second flavored whiskey

Now your Jack and Coke can be extra spicy!

Soon, Fireball Whiskey won’t be the only spicy, cinnamon-flavored whiskey in town. Jack Daniels has announced the release of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, or Jack Fire, which will hit stores, distilleries, and bars in all 50 states this month. Jack Fire was available for a limited time last year, and the brand said that the new flavor was so popular that they had to bring it back on a permanent basis. 

“Mr. Jack himself was a true innovator and always followed his own path,” Phil Epps, vice president and brand director at Jack Daniel’s said in a statement. “We believe we have developed a product that Jack himself would be proud of and worthy of the name ‘Jack Daniel’s.’ We hope that our many friends around the country will enjoy this new offering.”


This is the second flavored whiskey released by Jack Daniel’s, following the creation of their honey flavor in 2011. Jack Fire whiskey is made by combining Jack’s signature whiskey recipe with cinnamon liquor. Check for it on shelves starting March 3. The real question here is, will it contain propylene glycol, the ingredient that got Fireball in so much trouble this past fall?