Most Americans Prefer Whiskey Over Other Liquors, According To This Drinking App

Americans love their whiskey, according to data pulled together through the drinking app BARTRENDr.

The app analyzed data from its 700,000 users to determine the most popular liquor in the country, according to Business Insider.

The information was pulled together based on posts and photos of what the users were drinking. Users from 42 states said they enjoy some form of whiskey, and Fireball and Jack Daniels were the two most popular brands.

Eight states did not favor whiskey, however. For example, Oregon and Washington residents preferred tequila brands — Jose Cuervo and Patrón, respectively. Colorado was the only state to choose Bacardi over any other liquor brand, and Virginia was alone in its preference for Grey Goose.

Back in December, statistics showed that whiskey sales were on the rise for the first time ever. This data seems to be proof of that.

Take a look at the data infographic — is it an accurate portrayal of your state?