More Americans Are Drinking Coffee Daily, According to the National Coffee Association

Coffee consumption is on the rise in comparison to 2013, when there was a reported decline

The NCA also added a new category for non-espresso beverages including frozen drinks and cold brew.

Whether you’re reaching for that Unicorn latte or your favorite Keurig blend, one thing’s for sure: Coffee consumption is on the rise in 2017. The National Coffee Association (NCA) recently released its 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) report and found that the increase in daily coffee fixes is among one of the current trends in the coffee industry.

In a series of surveys and interviews with data collected from 3,000 people, the NCA found that 62 percent of consumers reported drinking coffee within the past day as opposed to 57 percent last year, Daily Coffee News reported. Although consumption increased between all age groups, there was a particular increase among consumers ages 13 to 18 (Generation Z).

“More of us are drinking coffee, and younger consumers appear to be leading the charge,” Bill Murray, president and CEO of NCA, said in an announcement. “A steadily growing taste for gourmet varieties is also driving a wider trend toward specialty beverages.”

In addition to the rise in coffee consumption, the NCA also found that “gourmet” coffee — including “non-instant arabica or arabica blend coffee products” — was particularly popular among coffee drinkers.


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