This Miracle Drink Could Ensure That You Never Get A Hangover Again

Could this drink be the answer to end all hangovers? We've heard of bloody marys, kombucha, and Thai soup as hangover cures, but this non-alcoholic beverage could be better than all of those.

Ohayo Tomorrow is a small drink packed with vitamins and electrolytes to hydrate and restore your body after a night of excessive drinking. Ohayo means "good morning" in Japanese. It is meant to be consumed the night before, allowing you to wake up happy.

Unlike other drinks with electrolytes and vitamins, such as Gatorade, Ohayo contains milk thistle, which helps the liver rid itself of the waste and toxins found in alcohol. The small bottle is also packed with B vitamins to combat fatigue and headaches, magnesium to restore electrolytes, and potassium to normalize blood pressure.

Creators Sanam Petri and Douglas Wolfson, both recent transplants to London, found themselves wondering why there wasn't a drink designed to cure hangovers. They spent the next few months testing out different ingredients to find the right combination.

Ohayo has already begun rolling out in the U.K. There's no word yet on whether it will make its way to the United States

The website states that Ohayo is not a substitute for drinking safely and will not prevent intoxication or reduce blood alcohol levels, so remember to drink responsibly.