Metallica Is Making A Limited Edition Beer in Canada

The heavy metal band will be handing out 91,000 cans of this beer

It’s only fitting that the can is black.

It’s no surprise that heavy metal band Metallica is making their own limited edition brand of beer in Quebec City, Canada with Budweiser. After all, they weren’t nicknamed Alcohollica for nothing after they released their album Kill ‘Em All in 1983.

The beer will be available on September 28 for the opening of Centre Vidéotron, an indoor arena in Quebec City, and is being produced at the Labatt Brewing Company—a Canadian subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Metallica performed on September 14 and 16.

Once the September 16 show finishes, a truck will hand out 91,000 black-canned beers to concert attendees at a plant in LaSalle. They will also be available in cases of 15 and 24.

“We are very pleased that the guys in Metallica are participating in this unique partnership that marks the history of the Centre Vidéotron," Jean Gagnon, a Labatt spokesperson, said.


It’s unclear why Metallica et al chose to release this beer in Canada, but we do hope it somehow comes across the Canadian border so we can try it. Maybe it’ll turn us into rock stars.