Man Sues Rockstar Energy, Alleges it Gave Him a Heart Attack

This man consumed four energy drinks in 6-8 hours and alleges that they him a heart attack
Man Sues Rockstar Energy


A Los Angeles man is suing Rockstar Energy, alleging that he had a heart attack from consuming the enery drinks.

A Los Angeles man is suing the Rockstar Beverage Corporation after he allegedly suffered a heart attack after drinking up to four Rockstar Energy drinks in a span of six to eight hours, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Oscar Maldonado filed the lawsuit on June 29 against the energy drink company for product liability, negligence, fraud, and breach of implied warranties.

The lawsuit states that Maldonado consumed the beverages in June 2013 and complained of chest pains and shortness of breath. He went to see a doctor a few days later and was told that he was having a heart attack.  Maldonado was taken to the hospital and had an emergency surgical operation. He is still paying off his medical expenses from the surgery.

Rockstar Energy contains taurine, which creates a similar effect as caffeine does to cardiac muscles. When mixed, they can produce cardiac-related problems.


Energy drinks have a bad reputation of being dangerous to one’s health. Rockstar Energy’s description of the drink says it’s “designed for those who lead active lifestyles — from athletes to rock stars.”