A Man Shot His Friend for Giving Him the Wrong Brand of Beer

If you think you’ve met the world’s biggest beer snobs already, think again

The man apparently didn’t have the words to describe the nuanced flavors of Budweiser. 

Clarence Sturdivant, a 64-year-old resident of New Orleans, was so incensed that his friend and neighbor, 66-year-old Walter Merrick, brought him the wrong kind of beer, that he “shot him and left,” according to Nola.com.

A spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sherriff’s Office confirmed to the publication that on Saturday afternoon, March 7, the two men were talking in the parking lot of an apartment complex when Sturdivant asked for a beer. Merrick brought his friend a can of Busch beer, which Sturdivant apparently did not appreciate in the slightest.

“An angry Sturdivant declared his preference for Budweiser,” reports Nola.com.

After arguing over the merits of Budweiser versus Busch for some time, Sturdivant shot his neighbor and left. He was subsequently pulled over by the authorities, and was discovered to be in possession of 20-gauge shotgun cartridges identical to the cartridge found at the scene.

Merrick was treated for non-threatening injuries, including “a wound on his elbow and small pellet puncture wounds to his arm and chest.” His assailant, meanwhile, told police that it was Merrick who first pointed a gun in his direction.


Although police did not find a weapon on Merrick, he was charged with aggravated assault. Sturdivant was arrested on unrelated charges, and later released on a $1,000 bond.