Make Wine Fancier: White Truffle Dessert Wine Is a Real Product


No, chocoholics, the wine doesn't contain that kind of truffle. 

Truffles, some of the most expensive things you can dig out of the earth (besides precious gems), seem to be everywhere nowadays. First we heard about beer made with truffles, and now the in-vogue fungus/alcohol pairings have expanded further: introducing the world’s first white truffle dessert wine. Palmieri Dessert Wines created this unique dessert wine, which will add a little umami to your after-dinner course.

Although it’s not quite on the market yet, Palmieri has already far surpassed their fundraising goal on IndieGoGo. They will introduce the world to not only white truffle ($25 per bottle), but also vanilla ($20) and honey ($20) sweet wines.


“We use only the finest natural ingredients,” Palmieri says on their fundraising page. “Everything is assembled locally here in Ljubljana. We ensure that no artificial colors or additives are used in our wine. All of our ingredients are sourced locally, with the exception of the vanilla and white truffles, which come from select regions of Italy.”