London Courier Service Expands to Deliver Alcohol

The company, Deliveroo, will partner with Majestic and BrewDog to deliver wine and beer across the UK
Pizza Delivery service

Wikimedia Commons / © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / CC-BY-SA 3.0

In the U.K., bike couriers will now be able to bring you wine with your takeaway pizza.

Just two months after announcing a partnership with U.K. giant Pizza Express, delivery company Deliveroo is expanding into alcohol.

Deliveroo will partner with wine merchants Majestic Wine and craft brewers BrewDog of TV fame. The alcohol courier service will be available both in London and in BrewDog bars in Bristol, Cardiff, and Manchester. Deliveroo has also signed up various smaller suppliers, including Honest Brew and Vagabond Wines, as part of its new alcohol delivery service.

Through its rapid expansion, the London-based company has cemented its viability as a delivery company. It is competing with larger entities such as Just Eat and recently launched UberEATS for valuable market share in food delivery.

The creation of a drinks service is only its latest expansion. In May, Deliveroo announced a partnership with Pizza Express, a food chain with 400 locations in the U.K. and another 40 aroudn the globe. This partnership also confirmed that Pizza Express would discontinue its own delivery service, creating a precedent for large companies to contract out their delivery service to a separate company, a potential game-changer in the food delivery business.

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Pizza Express joined other chains such as Wagamama in partnering with Deliveroo. However, it is the largest chain to have teamed up with the delivery service to date.