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Locol Launches ‘Yes Plz,’ an Affordable Coffee Brand

The company aims to change the perception of affordable coffee as bad coffee

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Locol’s current coffee program charges $1 for a 12-ounce cup, with an additional 50 cents for milk and sugar.

The creative minds behind fast-food chain Locol, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, are launching their latest venture, and it involves quality coffee without a hefty price tag. The motto of the coffee company, Yes Plz, is similar to that of Locol: “Wholesomeness, deliciousness, and affordability don't have to be mutually exclusive concepts in fast food.”

The restaurant said it plans to open both coffee windows and stand-alone shops, The New York Times reported. It will also supply a restaurant and bakery in Oakland, California, and a restaurant in LA’s Watts neighborhood. You’ll be able to buy Yes Plz coffee for $8 to $9 per 12-ounce bag.

Locol’s coffee comes from Red Fox Coffee Merchants, a boutique coffee sourcing company. The coffee is then brewed by the restaurant’s kitchen staff.

Tony Konecny, the head of coffee operations at Locol, says that he wants to “shift the very nature of coffee culture” and change the perception that coffee has to be expensive to taste good.

While Konecny says some companies have focused on “this ingredient preciousness, single-origin puritanism,” he believes that good, affordable coffee should be available everywhere.

“What we know about coffee sourcing, coffee roasting, coffee brewing, coffee service — there’s really no reason why you couldn’t make the coffee at every bodega taste good,” he said.


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