Lipton Debunks Accusations of Live Worms in Its Tea Bags

Company creates a video of their own in response to viral Facebook video showing the ‘worms’

Lipton has set the record straight on a potential can of worms unleashed by a customer via a viral Facebook video. Ismat Raza posted a video on Facebook in which she opens two Lipton Lemon Green Tea bags and points out “living worms” inside the bags. The video has since then gained more than nine million views.

In response, Lipton came out with a video of its own two days later, which it also posted on Facebook. The video shows someone isolating the ‘worms’ from the rest of the mix and then demonstrating how the pieces immediately dissolve in water. Lipton writes, “In response to the video of Lipton's Lemon Green Tea bags, there are no ‘worms’ in our tea bags… The tea is of the highest quality standard and is absolutely safe to consume.”

Customers with any additional questions are invited to contact Lipton. In comparison to the Raza’s video, Lipton’s only received around 130,000 views.

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