The ‘70s are back and they’re groovy, baby!


Lava Lamp Cocktails Are a Trippy New Alcohol Experience

The Honeywell, a bar in Harlem, has created a quirky glowing craft cocktail that summons up an earlier era

Craft cocktails have officially reached a new level.

The mesmerizingly colorful Funkadelic cocktail available at The Honeywell in Harlem — which opened in December in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood — looks exactly like a lava lamp, but instead of being filled with scented oils and chemicals, it's made with wine.

Bartenders line actual cleaned-out lava lamps with LED lights and pour in red wine ice cubes to bob around in a tasty mix of pisco, dry vermouth, Velvet Falernum, citric acid, and tonic water, according to Delish.

The result is a colorful show that’s totally cool as well as potent.

The Funkadelic doesn't appear on the bar's cocktail menu — which offers drinks with names like Farrah Mane, Rubber Band Man, and Disco Inferno as well as a couple of non-alcoholic tipples under the heading "Quaalude Friendly" — but it's catching on anyway. "As soon as we make one, everybody wants a piece," The Honeywell's head bartender, Marcio Araujo, told Delish.

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