Keurig Kold Discontinued, Company Offering Refunds

130 employees will be laid off

The bulky, expensive device is being discontinued after less than one year on the market.

Keurig Green Mountain is officially discontinuing the Keurig Kold, after less than one year on the market. The company is offering refunds to Kold customers, as the devices will essentially be useless once they run out of pods.

On the refund request website, the company writes, “Based on our learnings, the initial execution of our Kold system did not meet consumer expectations.” The pricey $370 device took up a lot of counter space, took a long period of time to produce a single eight-ounce serving of soda, and its pods cost more than a dollar.

Howard Telford, senior beverages analyst at Euromonitor International says, “[I]t was an attempt to create a market for at-home single-serve soda consumption at a time when retail, packaged soda consumption is in serious decline. Consumers are seeking healthier beverage options in the home.”


In a statement, the company says, “We learned a lot — including that consumers are willing to embrace the concept of a system that delivers fresh-made, cold beverages in the home — and we’ll build our learnings into future beverage systems.”