Justin Bieber Might Need a Few Pointers on Tipping

How much should you tip on a free meal?
Justin Bieber

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock

Bieber was comped a $1,600 tab at an Atlanta nightclub and left a $400 tip.

Getting comped meals and other services is nothing new to a celebrity, but what exactly is the etiquette for tipping? After his Jingle Ball performance in Atlanta last week, Bieber and his entourage went to Tongue & Groove nightclub, according to TMZ.

TMZ reports, “Justin was amazing with interacting with the staff and club guests, and even entertained the packed crowd by taking photos with them.” Bieber and company ordered two bottles of Don Julio 1942 ($500 each), one bottle of Grey Goose ($300), one bottle of Jack Daniels ($275), and miscellaneous beers ($25), for a grand total of $1,600, which was comped by the club.

Bieber reportedly left his two waitresses $200 each (a 25 percent tip), “definitely above average if he had actually paid for his drinks,” says First We Feast. However, First We Feast continues, “if everything is free, the tip should be at least 50% of the price that you would have paid. You still get a bargain and feel special, but you also make yourself look good by leaving a huge tip, and your server/bartender gets a nice bonus.


Tipping remains a controversial topic, even in the face of several restaurants phasing out tipping or removing it completely. Was Bieber in the wrong here?