Starbucks Iced Coffee

Judge Sides With Starbucks in Ice Lawsuit

Because even children can understand the concept of water displacement

Starbucks isn’t cheating its customers with its iced beverages after all, according to a ruling by a California federal judge, who dismissed a class action lawsuit filed by Alexander Forouzesh in May 2016.

Forouzesh claimed that the company “defrauds customers by ‘systematically underfilling’ its iced beverages,” Beverage Daily reported.

“If children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive, the court has no difficulty concluding that a reasonable consumer would not be deceived into thinking that when they order an iced tea, that the drink they receive will include both ice and tea and that for a given size cup, some portion of the drink will be ice rather than whatever liquid beverage the consumer ordered,” U.S. district judge Percy Anderson stated.

On the accusation that Starbucks “knowingly misleads its customers” with its ounce descriptors of its cold drinks on the menu, as consumers receive “roughly half as many ounces as indicated,” the judge noted that the company “does not explicitly advertise” that the drink ordered will contain that many ounces of pure liquid.

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