It's Official: America Likes Craft Beer More Than Bud For The First Time

There's nothing better than a good pair of blue jeans, a bottle of Bud, and a souped-up truck (at least according to country songs). But it seems that American tastes are changing when it comes to beer. For the first time ever, craft beer growth, in number of barrels sold, has pushed past Budweiser, according to the Wall Street Journal. Beer Marketer's Insights calculated that in 2013, 16 million barrels of Budweiser (not including Bud Light) were sold, while 16.1 million bottles of craft beer were sold.

It may not sound like much, but the Wall Street Journal claims that this signifies a shift in our country's beer taste buds. One North Carolina bar has even considered taking Bud off tap completely; while they sell 20 cases a week, it's mostly to older men, meaning that young people, specifically millennials, just aren't interested in drinking Bud. They want something different.

Budweiser is, of course, wise to this, so in response to the dismaying news, and Bud's ever-sinking sales, the company has decided to ditch the famous Clydesdale horse advertisements (sorry Super Bowl ad fans), and replace them with seemingly homemade videos of young people trying (and loving!) Bud for the first time. Plus they are planning on hosting more "Whatever, USA" events so watch out, small towns.