It’s About Time: Blue Apron Launches Wine Delivery Service

Blue Apron Wine will deliver wines that pair with Blue Apron meal selections, available starting this fall

The missing link in every Blue Apron meal has finally been filled.  

When you’re preparing a simple and delicious (depending on the breadth of your elementary cooking skills, of course) meal using Blue Apron ingredients, have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I could really go for a nice glass of red wine”?Well, you could just use whatever you have lying around the house, but it wouldn’t necessarily pair with that night’s Blue Apron meal. Fortunately, the company is fixing that dilemma with the launch of a new wine delivery service.

The monthly service will be available to all Blue Apron customers for $65.99 per month (plus tax), and will pair bottles of wine with that month’s Blue Apron meals to “enhance the home cooking experience.” Blue Apron already costs $239.76 per month, so if you’re following along at home, the wine experience would bring your total Blue Apron costs up to $305.75.


“Like the grocery category, wine is a large industry with low online market penetration,” said Matt Salzberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Apron.  “Wine pairings have been a top request from our home chefs since we launched, and we’re excited about the opportunity to complement our Blue Apron meals with incredible wines.”