Now you can share a brewski with your pupski.


Introducing Bowser Beer: Suds for Your Pup!

British Company Woof & Brew is brewing chicken-flavored beer that’s safe for dogs, called Bottom Sniffer

First we had doggy ice cream and now it seems the never-ending line of human-imitation dog food is veering into the territory of alcohol.

British Company Woof & Brew, known for its tea and biscuits made for dogs, is created a dog-friendly beer called Bottom Sniffer.

Don’t worry, canine enthusiasts: The beer doesn’t actually contain any alcohol. It doesn’t even fizz (because carbonation can trigger digestive issues in dogs). Bottom Sniffer is made with barley, malt, dandelion, flax, and artificial chicken flavoring. Now your dog won’t have to feel left out when you’re having a beer and he can’t join because alcohol is pretty toxic for our pup friends.

Sit back, relax, crack open a cold one, and share some sporting events or maybe watch the Animal Planet with your dog and there won’t even be a chance of Sparky getting tipsy.

You can order yourself some doggy tea and beer online here.

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