Innovative Fruit-Flavored Cup Could Solve the Problem of ‘Boring’ Water

The Right Cup is a project on IndieGoGo that tricks your brain with fruity scents and tastes
Is it water? Or is it fruit juice? Your mouth won’t know the difference.


Is it water? Or is it fruit juice? Your mouth won’t know the difference.

Are you tired of your kids complaining about how “boring” water tastes? You could just give in and buy fruit juices or make your own fruit-infused water, but The Right Cup has come up with an even better solution.The Right Cup, now on IndieGoGo, is a fruit-flavored cup that supposedly tricks your brain into thinking its experiencing a soft drink.

The brightly colored cups are lined with natural fruity scents and flavors and come in orange, mixed berry, lemon-lime and apple, and are made with “FDA approved aromatic fruit flavors.”

The cups are semi-disposable: as in, the scent will last for around a month, so you don’t need to keep switching out cups every time you grab a glass of water.

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Thus far, almost $50,000 has been raised to promote these flavored drinking vessels, and you can expect them to hit stores in April 2016. We imagine that the cups will also be popular with young partiers who want to mask the taste of cheap alcohol.