If You Thought Kirin Beer Was Brewed in Japan, You’re Entitled to a Refund

If you thought Kirin beer was brewed and imported from Japan, Anheuser-Busch owes you some money
If You Thought Kirin Beer Was Brewed in Japan, You’re Entitled to a Refund
Kirin Ichiban

Anheuser-Busch will also remove the word “imported” from Kirin labels. 

A 2013 lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch — in which two Miami residents alleged that the company’s deceptive packaging misled customers into believing that Kirin Ichiban beer was brewed in Japan — has been upheld by a Florida judge, which means that if you are among the deceived (between October 25, 2009 and December 17, 2014), the company owes you up to $50.

Kirin bottles do say that it is “brewed under Kirin's strict supervision by Anheuser-Busch, Los Angeles, CA and Williamsburg, VA.” However, according to the Miami New Times, “the plaintiffs claim this is inadequate, because consumers can't see it unless the bottle is removed from its packaging.”

If you don’t remove the packaging, you might perhaps be confused by the words “imported,” and “Japan’s prime brew.”

According to Law360, customers who were similarly duped by the careful misdirection are eligible to 50 cents per six-pack with proof of receipt, or 10 cents per purchase of each single bottle, for up to $50 total.

Beginning next week, claims can be made online at www.kirinbeersettlement.com

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