The Iconic Original New York Seltzer Returns to Shelves After 20-Year Hiatus

Original New York Seltzer’s glass bottles of carbonated water were a hit in the 1980s, and now they’re back

Get out your chocolate syrup and milk… it’s time to finally make egg creams right.

Anyone born before 1980 probably remembers the iconic taste of the Original New York Seltzer. Forget your Sodastreams: carbonated water simply tasted better back when it came in glass bottles — complete with unforgettable vintage designs, of course. After receiving pleas in the form of online petitions and Facebook pages, Original New York Seltzer is back for the first time in 20 years.

“As a kid growing up in the ‘80s, my family and friends all knew and loved Original New York Seltzer — it was the only brand our parents would allow us to drink,” said Ryan Marsh, president. “I am thrilled to be bringing Original New York Seltzer back — it evokes great memories for all of us. I am committed to upholding everything that has made this brand unique — from the crisp flavors to the natural ingredients to the original packaging. We are excited to finally quench America’s thirst for Original New York Seltzer and to introduce the beverage to a whole new generation.”


Original New York Seltzer will use the original recipes with no preservatives or artificial colors. The only difference is that the new seltzer will also be made with raw cane sugar. You can get Original New York Seltzer in all of the familiar flavors, including peach, black cherry, raspberry, lemon & lime, root beer, and vanilla cream.