Hilarious Bottle of Wine Tells Teachers, ‘Our Child Might Be the Reason You Drink, So Enjoy This Bottle on Us’


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Over National Teacher Appreciation Week this spring (May 4 through 8), Portland, Oregon parent Stacy Dutton was looking for a gift for her son’s teacher, so she got crafty.

Dutton, who is the art director of Evermine, a personalized paper and stationary company, went for the brutally honest route. With a photo of her own son, Dutton sent the teacher a bottle with the hilariously personalized message, “Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle of wine on us.”

Last April, Dutton wrote about the project on Evermine’s blog, explaining that the gift was an acknowledgement of the daycare staff’s hard work as her son entered the infamous “terrible twos.”

“I know all the teachers at his daycare on a very personal level, and knew they would all find our gift to be funny,” Dutton wrote.

Dutton herself also recently played substitute teacher for a 5th grade class in her children’s school and told Today.com, “Those teachers definitely needed some wine.” Although the mother of two says that people tend to either unequivocally love or hate the idea, a recent traffic boost from Reddit has resulted in a surge of orders of the label.


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