Hey Diabetics, Want Better Vision? Drink White Wine

A new Australian study has found that drinking white wine is linked to a lower risk of diabetes-related vision issues
20 glasses in 20 days? That’s the new 20/20.


20 glasses in 20 days? That’s the new 20/20.

First we told you that drinking a glass of wine was equivalent to an hour at the gym, and now you have a use for all of those bottles of chardonnay: improved eyesight.New research from the Center for Eye Research at the University of Melbourne in Australia has found that diabetics who drink white wine regularly have a lower risk of diabetic retinopathy, aka loss of eyesight due to complications related to diabetes, according to Wine Spectator.

Although scientists have previously linked wine consumption with diabetic health, never before has research pointed out the specific eyesight benefits for diabetics who drink white, wine, sparkling wine, or sherry.

People who drank moderate amounts of white wines or sparkling wines had a 2.4 percent risk of diabetic retinopathy, while people who indulge in spirits were found to have a 49 percent risk, and red wine drinkers have a 12.2 percent risk.


As of now, researchers are unsure why white wine has such a positive effect on diabetic risk of eyesight loss, and more studies are required.