Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the New Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program

New program will begin this April

Under the new program, members will earn two stars for every $1 spent.

Big changes are coming to the Starbucks loyalty program for all of its most dedicated java junkies.

Beginning this April, My Starbucks Rewards will become Starbucks Rewards, according to a release. The most notable change for the new program is that members will earn stars based on dollars spent versus purchases made, a No. 1 request from Starbucks customers. Here, we break down the new Starbucks Rewards and how it compares to My Starbucks Rewards. 

Under the current program, members earn one star per visit, reach ‘Gold level’ after earning 30 stars, Gold members earn a free reward with 12 stars, and Starbucks offers three membership levels: Welcome, Green, and Gold. 

For the new program, members earn two stars for every $1 spent, reach ‘Gold level’ at 300 stars, Gold members enjoy a free reward after earning 125 stars, Starbucks offers Green and Gold membership and eliminates welcome membership altogether, and the company will offer Monthly Double-Star Days. On the program FAQ page, Starbucks details that on Monthly Double-Star days, Gold members will earn four stars for every $1 spent. This day will change month to month.


How does the new system compare to the old? With Starbucks rewards, members earn 300 stars, or spend $150 to reach gold status. With the old system, in which users needed to earn 30 stars, this would average to $5/star. Therefore, the new system is great for those who currently purchase multiple items per visit, but not so great for those who typically purchase a drink or pastry and whose totals average to below $5 per purchase.