Guy Fieri Now Has His Own Bar Crawl

FieriCon is a bar crawl around New York dedicated to the Food Network star where participants dress, eat, and act like Fieri
“Diners, Drive-Ins and drink til ya drop, baby!”

Guy Fieri

“Diners, Drive-Ins and drink til ya drop, baby!”

What would you do if you were minding your own business at your local watering hole when dozens of people dressed in loud clothing and spiky blonde wigs come in, shouting about Flavortown and ordering the greasiest food on the menu? You’d probably think it was a nightmare.

But on Nov. 19, the first annual FieriCon is coming to New York City, with a bar crawl visiting six bars and ending at Guy Fieri’s own American Kitchen & Bar where Pete Wells famously lamented the drinks that “glow like nuclear waste.”Approximately 60 people have signed up for this first-ever drinking debacle dedicated to Flavortown, and they’re hoping that by the time FieriCon 2018 rolls around, there will be triple the participants and Fieri himself will show up.

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“Guy Fieri's sayings are one of a kind,” the website reads. “He can describe a bacon cheeseburger as being ‘Gangster’ and make it sound appetizing. This day is dedicated to talking like Guy Fieri. I don't want to feel persecuted for describing food as being off the hook, I want to be celebrated for that.”