Groupon UK Made The 'World's First' Prosecco-Flavored Nail Polish

Groupon has deals for just about everything, from cooking classes to frozen yogurt. For Mother's Day in the United Kingdom, the e-commerce site debuted its latest buzz worthy product: prosecco-flavored nail polish.

According to the company, the nail polish is made with real prosecco, and not only smells like the Italian sparkling wine, but tastes like it too. Although the Prosecco Polish is flavored and lick-able, Groupon recommends not actually drinking the product.

The sparkly yellow polish even visually resembles prosecco and aims to give you "the fun of the flavor without a sore head the next day."

Unfortunately, the Prosecco Polish was only available in the U.K., where over 10,000 Groupon users purchased the product. We're hoping the beauty product will make its way to the States sooner rather than later.

If boozy beauty is your thing, you might be able to get your hands on a line of lipstick made with red wine.