Google Is Now Capable of Teaching You How to Mix Drinks

Googling your questions before you ask them out loud is becoming more useful than ever

It’s DIY mixology, with the help of the entire internet. 

You’re probably no stranger to the good old-fashioned technique of Googling culinary questions you’re afraid to ask out loud — what makes a martini dirty versus dry, for example? — and you’re not alone. We all do it, and all those requests for instructions on how to seem cooler than we are have made Google even more powerful.

As of last week, your favorite search engine is capable of teaching you the basic components of what must be an ever-expanding list of cocktails. Yes, we know you’ve already done plenty of under-the-table (literally) searches for What is amaretto?” and How to take a shot of tequila,” but now Google has formatted those answers for easier use.

Above, the results of a Google search for “How to make a Bloody Mary.”

Pretty soon, the only thing you’ll need to become the most knowledgeable mixologist in the room is the fastest typing ability. Cheers to you, compulsive Googler.