Forget Turning Water into Wine: We’re Turning Urine into Beer.

A boozy take on a Christian miracle — only this time, the miracle is pure science

Soon, you may want to forget where your beer comes from.

The next time your warm beer tastes “like piss,” it may just be because it really is piss. Thanks to scientists at a Belgian university, there’s now a machine that can turn urine into beer.

Pissing drunks everywhere, rejoice.

The machine actually turns the urine into two things: drinkable water and fertilizer. It uses solar energy to heat the urine, which then passes through a membrane separating the water from all the other nutrients found in urine.

The potential for such a machine is vast: Researcher Sebastiaan Derese said that it could do anything from bringing drinkable water to rural areas of the world that don’t have clean water to saving money by being installed in airports. Or, as we noted, yes, it could be used to brew beer.

Noted urine aficionado Bear Grylls must be head over heels at the news.


The Belgian researchers have been working on this machine for two and a half years, testing it at a music festival in Ghent. They ended up with 1,000 liters of water, thanks to the attendees. In order to fulfill the circle of life, the water will be turned into beer — the form that it probably began as.