Fireball Whisky Now Comes in Gallon-Sized Boxes

Fireball Whisky now comes in a giant box akin to boxed wine filled with 78 shots of everyone’s favorite cinnamon party drink

Firebox: the unofficial drink of frat parties everywhere.

Wine isn’t the only liquor that comes in a fun-sized box anymore. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is now also being sold in a box with just under a gallon of liquor. Each “Firebox” contains two 1.75-liter pouches from which you can pour 78 shots of Fireball.

Fireball made headlines in 2014 because the American version contained propylene glycol, the primary ingredient in antifreeze. But if the thought of a shot glass containing the major ingredient in antifreeze doesn’t turn your stomach, you can buy it online or in stores for approximately $50 a box.

Fireball made the announcement a couple of months ago but this is only starting to gain traction now. 


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With two nozzles on either side of the box, Firebox makes it easy to guzzle with a friend or pour shots. 


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