Fireball Company Comes Out with New Spicy-Sweet Tequila

Meet Tijuana Sweet Heat: a liquor that mixes gold tequila with agave nectar, creating a sweet and spicy alcoholic beverage

Does university bar favorite Fireball have some competition on its tail?

For a while, Fireball, the cinnamon-flavored whiskey popular with college-aged students, didn’t have too much competition. But then Jack Daniels came out with a cinnamon flavor, and Fireball suffered a blow last year when propylene glycol, the major component of anti-freeze, was discovered as an ingredient in the liquor. So what’s the solution? Create a new liquor for 20-somethings to go bananas over.Sazerac, the company that brought you Fireball, has just released Tijuana Sweet Heat, a spicy-sweet gold tequila infused with agave nectar. 

Tijuana Sweet Heat has a low ABV of 70 proof, whereas traditional tequila usually hits around 80 proof, according to Vine Pair. Tijuana Sweet Heat, a liquor that was “designed for shots,” according to the Drink Spirits review, has notes of pepper, dill, and sweet agave nectar, but “tequila aficionados will surely see Tijuana Sweet Heat as a dumbing down of an amazing spirit, and it very much is.”


Still, it does what Sazerac’s Fireball does best, according to spirits critics: creates a tasty liquor experience that people can easily shoot back. Plus, the eye-catching bottle will look tempting on a college bar’s middle shelf. Tijuana Sweet Heat will be sold in limited markets this spring, and is likely to go national in June.