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Dunkin' Donuts Plans to Discontinue the Coffee Coolatta This Summer

A large Coffee Coolatta contains as much as 990 calories
dunkin donuts

The company says its also introducing the Caramel Shaved Iced Espresso to Maine and Florida this summer.

Dunkin’ Donuts’s Coolattas come in an array of flavors, from Minute-Maid Orange to Blue Raspberry, to refresh you during warm weather days. This week, the company announced that one of its more popular frozen beverage flavors, Coffee Coolatta, will be removed from the menu this summer in place of a new drink, the Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee.

According to Chris Fuqua, senior vice president of brand marketing at Dunkin’ Donuts, the Coffee Coolatta “isn’t good enough,” Business Insider reported.

"Coolattas are a platform we've had for years," Paul Racicot, director of culinary innovation at Dunkin’ Donuts, said. "But, we believe it's time we... contemporize our frozen platform."

The company says that the new beverage will be able to attract a different type of customer in comparison to the Coolatta. The new drink will be a blended beverage made with coffee extract, sugar, and dairy.


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