This Drip-Free Wine Bottle Could Change Your Life

Unless you're an expert sommelier (and even sometimes then), you've probably experienced the awkward moment of dripping red wine all over the tablecloth when you try to pour a perfect glass. Now you can rest easy, thanks to Brandeis University biophysicist Daniel Perlman's small improvement to the wine bottle.

By simply reengineering the spout to include one small ridge that juts out further, he ensures that your pours will be perfect and your tablecloths stain-free. The grooved tip is only a couple of millimeters wide, but it's enough to do the trick.

In this video side-by-side below, Perlman explains how he used his background in patents and product invention to create a spout that forces wine to drip off into a glass instead of onto the bottle, creating a perfect pour and eliminating wasteful wine spillage.

There's no word yet on when Perlman's ingenious invention will be made available to the public.