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Drink More Beer and Help Save New Zealand Beaches

This brewery-sponsored initiative allows beer-drinkers to do their part in saving the sand

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The machines can create 200 grams of sand substitute in five seconds.

Last year, New Zealand brewer DB Breweries and agency Colenso BBDO launched a campaign called “Brewtroleum,” which transformed leftover brewer’s yeast into biofuel. This year, the partnership is back again with an environmental initiative that allows consumers to drink beer to help save the beaches in New Zealand.

According to the brewery, Adweek reported, two-thirds of the beaches in the world are retreating because their sand is being harvested for use in industries ranging from construction to pharmaceuticals.

This campaign is pushing back against the high demand for New Zealand sand by featuring machines that crush empty glass bottles of DB Export into a sand substitute. The brewer will supply the DB Export Beer Bottle Sand to construction and commercial partners to help keep New Zealand beaches intact.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the country’s biggest construction companies to make DB Export Beer Bottle Sand a viable alternative to beach sand,” Nick Worthington, creative chairman at Colenso BBDO, told Adweek. “And we’re excited to work with DB Export drinkers to ensure a reliable supply of empty bottles.”


The sand will also be supplied to national roading projects and commercial and residential construction. In addition, the brewer is in the process of finalizing a two-year deal to supply its substitute sand to Drymix, the biggest producer of bagged concrete in New Zealand.