Dr Pepper Surprised One Lucky College Student With a Huge Customized Soda Fountain

After Clair Daniels tweeted her wish for a Dr Pepper fountain, the soda brand shipped one to her home

Now that’s one smart PR move.

Dr Pepper just made one soda-loving college girl’s dreams come true.

In December, Clair Daniels, a Kansas State University student, tweeted her loyalty to the soda brand:

Five months later, Dr Pepper delivered — literally. Daniels woke up to a 6-foot-tall, maroon Dr Pepper soda fountain outside her door that looks to be totally customized (i.e., you can’t get it anywhere else). Unfortunately, the fountain itself is completely decorative and you can’t drink from it, but Dr Pepper also provided the soda superfan with 1,200 cans of soda to support her two-to-three-can-per-day habit. (Maybe they should have also thrown in some dental cleaning coupons?)

"It's really crazy," Daniels told The Wichita Eagle. "I am still kind of in awe... It was just kind of a joke tweet, but here we are. I think it's awesome. I'm really excited. It's kind of crazy to think one tweet could make this happen."


Dr Pepper even made a subtle dig at Wendy’s, saying in their press release: “If only she had 18 million Wendy’s nuggets to go with it.” This is referencing Wendy’s promise of free chicken nuggets for a year to one fan if he gets 18 million retweets.