Does Hi-C Ecto Cooler Still Taste as Slimy-Delicious as We Remember?

Do you remember Hi-C Ecto Cooler? It’s back in time for the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie and The Daily Meal staff snuck some sips

The bright, fluorescent green citrus drink brings back so many memories.

Back in the ‘90s before parents knew better and everything became gluten-free or low-sugar, kids used to eat and drink high fructose corn syrup-laden sweets by the dozens. One of our favorites? The Hi-C Ecto Cooler “citrus drink.” Hi-C didn’t even try to disguise it as juice. We clamored for that radioactive-green, Slimer-themed sugary stuff, and now — years later — Coca-Cola is bringing it back just in time for the Ghostbusters movie reboot, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.

We had one question: Does Ecto Cooler taste just as delicious as we remembered back when we were slinging green “citrus drink” instead of clean green detox juice? The Daily Meal got the chance to try Ecto Cooler just ahead of the nationwide release on May 30 and this is what we thought:

“Well this is sweeter than I could have ever imagined.”

“Seriously. The sugar is like a punch to the mouth. Like, wow! Is that sweet. 41 grams of sugar. No wonder why Mom would never let me drink this stuff.”

“It’s honestly kind of good. Like, it starts out weird and then finishes with a nice high fructose corn syrup flavor.”

“It tastes like someone took all the Starburst flavors and mixed them up.”

“I think it tastes like liquefied Flintstones vitamins.”

“This could definitely use some vodka.”


We’ll be on the lookout for any Ecto Cooler vodka slushy recipes. Until then, be wary of glowing green ghosts!