This Distillery Has Created A Gin Made From Ants

Scientists say that insects are the future of our diets. But what about adding a little creepy-crawly to our cocktails? The Nordic Food Lab and Cambridge Distillery, a U.K. gin distillery, has created "Anty Gin": gin made with ants. Each $310 bottle of Anty Gin contains the essence 62 ants, according to The Telegraph. The process involved collecting more than 6,000 red wood ants (which, apparently, have a natural citrus flavor) and creating an ant concentrate by mixing them with ethanol, juniper berries, botanicals, and nettle.

"The result is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind gin that is being very well received worldwide," creator Miles Irving, a professional forager, said. "People are astounded at how good it tastes. It's expensive because it's so labor intensive — Anty Gin was almost a year in the making."

So what does ant gin taste like? The taste, reminiscent of the lemon, lime, and grapefruit undertones often sampled in high-end gins, is "spectacular." But it's hard to get. The first commercial batch of Anty Gin was only 99 bottles. We know you're singing 99 bottles of ant gin on the wall right now, but it's likely that this specialty liquor won't stay on shelves for very long.