Diet Pepsi With Aspartame Will Not Be Leaving Our Lives Forever

PepsiCo announced back in April that they will replace the aspartame in Diet Pepsi with sucralose by August. But after much feedback from Diet Pepsi-drinkers, the company said that they will try to figure out a way to make the original soda available online.

Seth Kaufman, vice president of Pepsi, told The Associated Press that the Diet Pepsi with sucralose might have a "slightly different mouthfeel," but that people will still be able to tell that they are indeed drinking Diet Pepsi.

Sucralose is another artificial sweetener, commonly known as Splenda or Equal. While aspartame is still considered to be a safe artificial sweetener to consume, it has received much backlash from those who claim it may be carcinogenic.

Though we don't yet know how different the Diet Pepsi with sucralose will taste, loyal fans should feel better knowing that they will still be able to purchase the original soda online.