Count Chocula Beer Is Haunting Stores Again This Halloween

You may have heard about the Wheaties Beer that is being brewed in Minnesota, but it's not the only cereal-inspired libation on the market. For Halloween, Black Bottle Brewery will be bringing back a beer made with Count Chocula.

Black Bottle Brewery, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, first introduced the beer last year, causing quite the ruckus when they bought out the entire supply of Count Chocula cereal. Children across the country wondered what happened to their Halloween-themed chocolate and marshmallow cereal.

This year, The Coloradoan reports that General Mills kindly sent Black Bottle the cereal to make the beers. "We are really lucky to have gotten it over a month ago," Sean Nook, owner of Black Bottle, told The Coloradoan.

The Count Chocula beer will be available at the brewery starting August 25 and will debut at the Great American Beer Festival in Boulder this October.

Black Bottle Brewery has also made beers using Golden Grahams, Reese's Puffs, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.