This Cotton Candy-Topped Snow Lemonade Is Perfect For A Snow Day Inside

Forget homemade snow cones made with the icy white stuff outside. (You don't know where that snow has been!) This latest Instagram trend creates a colorful snow scene out of cotton candy that "magically" melts into a glass of lemonade, turning the drink purple. Snow lemonade is sold at Cafe Maji in Artesia, California, and it looks like a whimsical creation out of Harry Potter.

But rather than waving a magic wand, a server tops an unsweetened glass of lemonade with a giant swath of fluffy cotton candy. Then, a brightly colored tea made from blue butterfly pea flowers is poured over the cotton candy. The magically melted "snow" sweetens the lemonade and turns it a vivid purple.

Cafe Maji, a Korean café, also serves latte art, matcha tiramisu, milkshakes in mason jars, and shaved milk ice, among other unique drinks and desserts. They also offer a Snow Affogato, which is made with espresso sweetened with melted cotton candy.